​​Welcome to 5 Fridges Farm



Amanda Weaver, PhD is owner of the farm and general land manager. She keeps bees, gardens, tends goats, makes cheese and yogurt, and composts with a vengeance. As an “old school” foodie, she cans and freezes everything from the garden and other’s backyards. Her most famous quote is, “we could do that at the farm.” In her free time, she works as a full-time senior instructor of geography at UCDenver teaching courses in local agriculture, food systems, and GIS.

Team at the Farm


Marva Jolly is an extremely talented craftsperson. A civil engineer by vocation, Marva uses her curiosity and engineering ability towards many local endeavors: bee keeping, soap and candle making, fruit preservation, and raising poultry for eggs and meat. She creates her own blends of all–natural soap, lotions and candles, using ingredients from the farm.