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Meet the animals that make the Farm, well, a farm



Buttercup has been residing on the farm longer than Amanda has! She is the main mama of the goat pen and provides delicious milk for cheese and yogurt.



Wendell is the leader of the boy goats and is very handsome. All the lady goats swoon over him. He is the proud dad of a few kid goats each spring.

The Girls

The Girl Goats

These girls are busy taking care of the kids and providing fresh milk.

The Boys

The Boy Goats

The boy goats are cleaning up the City of Wheat Ridge one right-of-way at a time. These "live-mowers" can be seen in green spaces around town, and occasionally taking a walk down the street to their next job.

Eva Perón

Eva Peron

Every farm needs a dog, and with the passing of Diego (RIP buddy) a new girl has come to town. Don't be fooled by this little diva, she's a real softy at heart.

The Chickens

The Chickens

This brood of pretty ladies is responsible for keeping the Farm stocked with fresh eggs. Fall is their favorite time of year when pumpkins show up in their coop.

Turkey Club


There are 3 types of gobblers calling the Farm home. The toms like to strut their stuff while the hens oogle over them.

The Daryls

Daryl and his Other Brother Daryll

Meet Daryl and his other brother Daryll.



Diego was a great dog. He loved the Farm, chasing rabbits, and keeping a close eye on anyone who showed up at his Farm. Rest in peace buddy, we miss you.

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