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5 Fridges Farm

5 Fridges Farm

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Save the Goats Benefit


Colorado Plus

April 27 from 11:00am till closing

Our friends at Colorado Plus have brewed a special Wendell Light Ale in memory of our beloved boys we miss so much. Half of the beer proceeds will be donated to

Goat Fund Me

Drink a beer, buy a shirt, and support 5 Fridges Farm.

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Inside the Fridge: March

What's been happening at the Farm in the past month
  • Spring cleaning at the Farm!
  • Incubating turkey eggs for May hatching.
  • Planting seeds in home-made newspaper pots.
  • Amanda Weaver appointed to City Council Member for District III.
  • Two beautiful grazing boys join the herd from Skål Farm.
Sustainability Community Education

Fridge Values

5 Fridges Farm strives to research and practice realistic local solutions to the issues in our current food system: access, waste, taste, environment, soil/range management, water use, and land conservation. We believe these sustainable options are best disseminated via community engagement, education, hard work, and plain old fun.

5 Fridges Farm is more than just a cool place to visit goats, it’s also a research farm around sustainable practices in urban farming.

Traditional farming spends a lot of time, money, and energy wrestling nature (climate, soil quality, pests, etc) and figuring out how to make money. Natural systems, however, balance themselves with much greater efficiency. So with each year of listening more, and fighting less, with the plants and animals of the Farm, our efforts get more efficient and more sustainable. 

It also turns out that when the human farmers don’t have the time, money, or energy for farm projects, they get creative, efficient, and sustainable. Here at 5 Fridges Farm, this has turned into a sort of 3BL (triple bottom line) evaluation for projects - the Farm projects must:

  1. Provide and maintain healthy habitats and diets for animals and insects (social)
  2. Promote and sustain the land they live on (environmental)
  3. Be local and financially sustainable (financial)

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