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5 Frigdes Farm

Goat Grazers - Your Space, Our Goats

mowing and fertilizing all at once

The Program

Goats are a great way to mow a green space. They don't pollute the air like a gas mower, are much quieter than a tractor, and can get to hard-to-reach places. As an added bonus, they fertilize as they mow!

We will bring 3-8 goats to you, depending on the size of your area (1/4 acre minimum). We will also supply shelters and a water tub for the goats. You will be responsible for checking the goats every day and keeping their water tub full. Our farmer will stop by every 3 days or so to check up on things, and video chat with you on the other days.

A 6' privacy fence is OK as long as it is sturdy enough and no missing boards.

The Prerequisites

Our goats will be free-roaming in the area to mow, and do not discriminate what they eat or what they climb on, and they eat and climb on EVERYTHING. In order for us to bring our goats to you, we require that you have:

  • Fenced the entire area with a fence:
    • at least 54" (4.5') tall
    • secured by posts in the ground
    • able to hold a 150-200 lb goat climbing on it
  • Nothing within the fenced area that you don't want eaten or climbed on (goats LOVE to climb on cars).
  • Fenced off trees you do not want eaten at least 4' from the base of the tree.
  • Committed to checking the goats every day.

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