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Items for Sale

If you are selling prepared food, whole foods, fresh foods, health products (lotions/soaps), or anything that goes on or in the body, please consider the following:

  1. Vendors must operate under the standard commercial preparation and packaging rules in their industry. It is your responsibility to know what the regulations are and whether you fall under the CO Cottage Industry Act.
  2. Items suspected of not meeting industry packaging, labeling, or storage requirements will not be posted in the Market. If you are not sure, ask!
  3. Never use the word "medicinal" or claim any health benefits from your products.

How it Works

Our Online Farmers Market is an online store with a short shopping window and a designated curbside pick up day.
  • You decide which items, and how many, you will have for sale at each Market.
  • Customers have a 5-day shopping window to make purchases.
  • After the Market closes, you will receive a report with your items sold and a printable list of labels to use.
  • Prepare your items, cool (if baked), package, affix labels, and deliver to the Farm by 3:00 PM on pick up day. Items should be placed on the shelves in our kitchen. Late items will not be accepted and customers will be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Items must be in appropriate containers (cooler/freezer bag). We do not have fridge or freezer space available for your items. Containers you would like returned may be picked up the next day.

When is It

Sales open at 7:00 AM on the 1st Wednesday of the month and close at noon on the following Monday. Pick up or delivery is Friday 4:00 - 7:00 PM.
  • PDF calendar of dates
  • Deadline to upload items is 5:00 PM on the Sunday before the Market.
  • Cut-off to bring items to the Farm is 3:00 PM on pick up day (Friday after the Market closes). Late items will not be accepted and customers will be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What it Costs

5 Fridges Farm handles all of the orders, taxes, and customer payments for a fee of 18% of your sales each Market. Checks will be mailed by the end of the month.
  • Food items are taxed at 4% and general merchandise taxed at 8%.
  • Checks will be mailed to Vendors by the end of the month to the name and address listed in your account.

How to Participate

Upload your items by 5:00 PM on the Sunday before the Market. Bring labeled items to the Farm by 3:00 PM on pick up day.
  • Venders may participate in any or all Markets.
  • Upload pictures and video to your assigned Google Drive folder.
  • Enter item details in your assigned Google Sheet for the current month. Items must be entered each month but can be copied/pasted from a previous month.
  • If you are not a spreadsheet person and would prefer a form for filling out item details, reach out to Tracy Rijken at

Uploading Items

Vendors must register items to sell for each individual market. Each Vendor is assigned a Google Drive folder for uploading photos and videos, and a spreadsheet for entering item details.
  • There is a link to your Google Drive folder in your account profile.
  • Upload 1-4 pictures of each item. Name the image files such that we know which item they belong to. Pictures may be reused for future Markets. PICTURES MUST BE COPYRIGHT FREE. Pictures you take yourself are copyright free, but pictures downloaded from the internet are not.
  • A simple video goes a long way! Nothing fancy - use your phone to record 30-60 seconds of you saying hello, describing who you are and what you are selling for this Market. Do not include dates or pick up details - all that information is readily available to the customers. Upload video to your Google Drive folder.
  • Your item sheet has a tab for each month where you will enter:
    • Change made to item details - check on if the description or price has changed (so I know to update it).
    • Product Name - name listed on store front
    • Size - eg. 4 oz, 1 pint, serves 6, etc (OPTIONAL - use when selling similar products of different sizes)
    • Choice - different flavors, scents, sizes, etc (eg. plain, vanilla). Choices for an item must be the same price. If a different price, list as a different item. (OPTIONAL)
    • Stock - how many you will have available for this market
    • Price - before tax
    • Description - details shown when a customer clicks on an item in the store front. Include information on questions customers would ask if you saw them in person: what is it, how do you use it, what is in it, what is special about it, etc
    • Feb, Mar, etc - turn the checkbox on if the item should be included in this month's Market, turn it off if the item is not available this time. ONLY DO 1 MONTH AT A TIME.
  • If you are not a spreadsheet person and would prefer a form for filling out item details and adding photos, reach out to Tracy Rijken at


Contact Tracy Rijken at if you are ready to get started or have any questions, including issues with the Google Drive.

Upcoming Markets


NOTE: November and December markets will be holiday-based.

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