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5 Frigdes Farm

If You Need the Space

5 Fridges Farm is the place

Other businesses have found great resources at 5 Fridges Farm. The Farm has a commercial kitchen, a peaceful patio, and lots of space.

Biscotti Hound Biscotti Hound - Lisa Gustafson

We specialize in dog birthday cakes in the Denver area. You can choose your dog's favorite color of frosting. We also offer a gluten free-grain free option. We bake everything from scratch! All our recipes are made in small batches for freshness and quality assurance.

Clear Fork Cider is a Wheat Ridge cidery and we make crisp, truly dry ciders in limited batches focused on unique apples from small orchards. We believe in cider, community and connection. We’re pushing the boundaries of how to craft interesting, delicious, and exceptional cider. We start with little-known heirloom apples and add only our expertise and curiosity. We’re all about unleashing pure flavor with fermentation artistry and magic. Our cider ferments fully, and we (almost*) never add any sugar or sweetener back to our cider. Our clean, crisp taste proves that when we say “dry” on our label, we really mean it. Every cider we make has been aged for at least 5 to 8 months to naturally balance the acidity, tannins, and aromatics. Great flavor comes with time, and patience makes great cider. We partner with local farmers and orchardists, real-deal small farmers, in Colorado and beyond. In each of our bottles, you’ll find cider that tells the story of their orchard and the year's harvest. We're grateful to partner with Farmer Amanda and Five Fridges Farm where we've so far planted more than 50 rare heirloom trees which will one day have a cider and a story of their own. We look forward to sharing it with you soon! *Check out our Dolgo Sour which is the exception that proves the rule. The crabapples in it are sooooo sour that it would be undrinkable without that extra sugar.

Marva Jolly is a Master Nutrition Therapist and Healing Touch Practitioner. She works with clients to promote healing through a holistic perspective to support clients through nutrition, energy medicine, and herbs. Marva is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and The Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA). Marva currently has a private practice in Englewood where she works with individuals, families, and their pets. She is also available to hold sessions at the Farm. In addition to her private practice, Marva enjoys giving talks on nutrition related topics and teaching classes at local venues to educate others on the health and nutrition topics. Marva also teaches classes on soap making, raising backyard chickens, beekeeping, canning, candle making, and other crafts. Please reach out if you have questions or are interested in scheduling a session. If you mention seeing this on the 5 Fridges Farm website, you will receive a 10% discount on services!

Quiz Bee Farms

Ruby Jean PatisserieRuby Jean Patisserie is a bespoke dessert catering business creating American inspired treats utilizing European technique. We source our ingredients locally and organically as much as possible. Everything is measured, mixed, poured and rolled by hand.

Salt & Pepper Enterprises

Tres Leches Treats

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