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Think About Ordering Chicks

If you order chicks from a hatchery there this typically a minimum order of 25, so you may want to go in with some friends if you only want a few chickens. Otherwise, you can plan to buy chickens at a local feed store in the spring.

Plan Do Eat

What Breeds?

Not all chickens are great eggs layers. Usually, you will find 4 types of chickens out there:

  • beautiful rare breeds
  • good layers
  • good meat birds
  • mixture of both layers and meat.

Here at the Farm we have great layers in a variety of breeds:

  • barred rocks
  • white leghorns
  • black giants
  • Ameraucanas
  • Rhode Island Reds

It's a good idea to do some internet research before you head to the store. Check out Murray McMurray Hatchery.

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

I always get my chicks vaccinated. Like people, the more you have living together, the more chance of spreading sickness. This is also important if you are integrating with older hens or have unknown origin hens (like from a chicken swap).

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