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I like to buy from local Botanical Interests ( Broomfield) They have extensive information on how to plant (starting) seeds on each of the seed packets. If you are new to growing plants from seed, DO NOT GROW ALL OF YOUR GARDEN FROM SEED! For the best success, buy a few seed packets and grow the rest of your garden with plants from the nursery*. *The best selection of veggies in Colorado nurseries will be offered in April and May… but they go fast. Be prepared to buy them and keep them inside until the Colorado rule ( as in don’t plant outside until) of Mother’s Day–as we often have freezing nights and snow until then. Cold hardy seeds will love to get into the ground in late April and May so they can start poking above ground around Mother’s day (examples of these are cold hardy lettuces/kale/broccoli/brussels/cabbage/bokchoy/mustards All of the planting informations will be on the seed packet, so plan your schedule. The cold hardy, plant outside seeds are also the easiest to grow. Another tip for success is not to start “starting” with seeds that require inside starting in warmer soil such as tomatoes and peppers. Inside starting is most difficult due to having to create greenhouse conditions to grow the seeds inside while it is still too cold outside in Colorado. There is no shame in buying small plants from the nursery– each year I decide which veggies I will grow from seed and which I will buy. It depends on how much time I have to babysit seedlings inside. I usually try one “new” (to me) seed variety each year– some do well, some don’t.

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