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Switch to Powder and Natural Soaps

With house-guest season coming, consider making your home more eco-friendly.

I have always had sensitive skin and have been using scent "free" products for years. I also like to have clean clothes. I assumed this meant I'd have to use non-plant based chemicals. After spending so many years striving for sustainable farming practices, I decided it was time to take that approach indoors as well.

Plan Do Eat

A few years ago, I started testing natural laundry detergents, looking for something that was good on my skin, good on my clothes, and good on the environment. As I researched, I began to realize that we, as a society, are burning a lot of fossil fuel moving heavy, water-laden products around the country to grocery stores and homes. That doesn't make sense! But what choice do we have?

It was once thought that powdered soaps were not good for HE washers, but that is an issue of the past. It turns out they work great if labeled for HE washers and put directly into the drum. The are also preferred by manufacturers (as they always were) for high tech fabrics (think ski and rain jackets, etc).

Here is my list of products I have found that really work on both my skin and for cleaning - and that's with dirty farm clothes! And for all of these ITS ONLY A TABLESPOON PER WASH!

Laundry: Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder and Charlie's Soap Oxygen Bleach (non-chlorine, powder)

Dishwasher: BioKleen Automatic Dish Powder (phosphate and chlorine-free)

These are all products that can be ordered on Amazon or directly through the manufacturer. Maybe one day I will buy it in bulk and offer it to my Farm community to refill their own containers.

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