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Freeze or Smoke Peppers and Tomatoes

What to do with all of those peppers and tomatoes? Freeze them or smoke them rather than "sun-drying" for a rich taste through the winter!

Plan Do Eat



Freeze your diced peppers on a cookie sheet so the pieces don't stick together, then transfer to a permanent container. Then grab a handful and throw them in as you are cooking. You can also freeze peppers after they have been roasted.


Smoked Jalapenos are Chipotles! But any pepper will do. Smoke these at 200-225°F until dry and crispy. Once they have cooled they can be stored in a jar and used for great pepper flavor in your Fresh Salsa (or on your pizza if you like to spice it up) throughout the non- pepper season.



Freeze your tomatoes whole: wash and de-stem tomatoes and throw in a freezer bag. When you take them out mid-winter, thaw in a bowl and the push the innards out of the skins - no boiling to take the skins off! If you don't like seeds in your sauce, run all of the juice and innards through a sieve. You can then make more Fresh Salsa or cook down into your favorite sauces.


Smoke sliced or halved (depending on the tomato - not more than 1.2 inch thick) and de-stemmed tomatoes at 200-225°F until almost dry (or a little rubbery.) This may take 10-18 hours or more) depending on the smoker. Check every few hours after 10 hours. Then pack in oil and store in your fridge. Pull out to slice and use in salads or on pizza!

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