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Turkey (deposit)

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We believe in spoiling our turkeys and give them nothing but the best: an organic, non-gmo, legume-based, non-corn, non-soy, locally grown and milled feed. They eat better than we do sometimes! As a reminder, because these heritage breed turkeys are cage-free they will have bigger bones and less white meat than conventional grocery store turkeys, but they are the juiciest and most delicious turkeys we've ever eaten (which is why we raise them). ********************************************************************** Because we have so few birds and we never know where the weights will fall from year to year, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get you the exact weight you desire. By paying your deposit you are agreeing to pay the total poundage limit in your chosen category… unless you choose largest bird possible (but it will not exceed 29 lbs). WE WILL FOLLOW UP WITH YOU WITH SOME ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PREFERRED SIZE ********************************************************************** $12.50/lb ~ remaining balance due by pick up Turkeys sold FRESH, not frozen Turkeys MUST be picked up on November 19th.

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