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The Farm has seen many changes over the years

Red Wing Ranch


Five Fridges Farm was originally known as West Wing Farm. Earnestine and Walt Williams owned this acreage from the 1930’s to the mid 1990’s where they raised steer, hogs, chickens, and later goats.

5 Fridges Farm


Amanda purchased the farm and moved in to the renovated farm home and adopted the new name after being warned that goat’s milk will require a lot of refrigeration as refrigerators of all ages and sizes were removed from the house during the renovation.

5 Fridges Farm Logo


New website created and launched by Webmaster Extraordinaire Tracy Rijken



Farm purchased by Louise Turner, a long-time Wheat Ridge resident and farm neighbor. Louise raised generations of milk goats on the farm from the Earnestine’s original herd.



Chickens made their appearance on the Farm.

Countess Amanda


Amanda Weaver is named the Countess of the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival.
Since Earnestine’s time at the farm, city has grown up around it, creating a truly unique opportunity for “urban agriculture” as apartments, houses, condos and a school surround the farm. There is a pond, a year-round creek, and fields with beautiful views of the mountains. Earnestine called it her “heaven on earth.” We couldn’t agree more. There is healthy space for animals to graze, plants to grow, water to run, and wildlife to roam and fly.



5 Fridges Farm works with the City of Wheat Ridge to test weather or not goats could be used to mow invasive weeds in the right-of-ways bordering the farm. The 'live mowers" worked out so well that the the city and the farm expanded the grazing weed management to other parts of the city.

Wendell Daryl and Daryll Yoda and Cream Puff

31 Dec 2018

The boy goats were taken from their mowing job site. The town of Wheat Ridge is devasted.



Amanda Weaver started working with Louise and her goats in early 2010.

Dairy Share


Dairy Share is in full swing at the Farm. Goat milk is used to make cheese, yogurt, soap, and lotions.

New Commercial Kitchen


Renovations are completed on the new commercial kitchen.

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