​​Welcome to 5 Fridges Farm



Five Fridges Farm strives to encourage a sustainable lifestyle through community engagement and education. The farm offers many different classes such as: goat husbandry, chicken care, bee keeping, and soap or cheese making. Apprenticeships, individual tutoring, and an urban agriculture certificate are also available.


Five Fridges Farm offers a variety of ways to get involved. Join us for Local Farm Days to get a tour of the farm followed by a community pot-luck lunch.   Five Fridges Farm also sends 4 legged ambassadors our into the local community for city weed maintenance.  The farm might be closer than you think! 


Along with encouraging sustainable lifestyles, owner Amanda Weaver strives to create a sustainable environment on the farm itself through the use of animals such as goats, chickens and turkeys. There is healthy space for animals to graze, plants to grow, water to run, and wildlife to roam.