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5 Fridges Farm is more than just a cool home for goats, it’s also a research farm around sustainable practices in urban farming. See Fridge Values for more information.

March 30
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Inside the Fridge: February

What's been happening at the Farm in the past month

Dear Farm Friends,

It's been a cold and snowy Feb at the farm. As I dream of warmer days, I have ordered seeds and baby birds for both eggs and meat production. I am particularly excited about a new seed packet ordered: Kakai Pumpkin Seeds! This is the ”hulless” (without hulls) pumpkin variety where the wonderful green pumpkin seeds in trail mixes, etc originates.

Beyond that I have been working on a Camembert recipe, but finding it difficult to maintain the humidity needed to make the cheese. Luckily, even mistakes are delightful with some crackers and apple throughout the process. Here’s to Spring ahead!


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